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The niche approach to succeed on the internet

<<Πάντων χρημάτων μέτρον έστιν άνθρωπος. Man is the measure of all things. —  Protagoras, 487-412 BC, Ancient Greek sophist>>   What is the niche approach to your online journey As long as you understand what it takes to move on, we need to dive into things a little bit deeper. Most of the people stop before […]

How to set up yourself online .The first things you must do

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” ― Plato Before doing anything online the first thing you need to consider and implement is to organize yourself from the beginning. All the files, pages, emails, and all the tools you need and use must be in the correct place. Have access to them […]

This blog is about what you need to learn (and not what you want to see)

Hello everyone, this is my first post. My name is George Matsos and I am the creator and manager of this blog. Everything you see inside is created by me and I am going to create extensive and detailed guides on how do I do things, which tools I use, resources I have, etc. As […]