The niche approach to succeed on the internet

<<Πάντων χρημάτων μέτρον έστιν άνθρωπος.

Man is the measure of all things.

—  Protagoras, 487-412 BC, Ancient Greek sophist>>


What is the niche approach to your online journey

As long as you understand what it takes to move on, we need to dive into things a little bit deeper. Most of the people stop before even starting. And the main reason is that there is no clear target or path they should follow. Or they don’t know what to do or even afraid to do something. In this article, I am going to describe the “niche” approach. What I mean is focus on creating something by yourself (or outsource) related to a niche. This can be either a blog, a youtube channel, etc.

We talked about the 2 genuine ways you can follow to accomplish your online goals: do the things by yourself and outsource. You can read the related article >here<.

Since there are so many options most may think that it will be easier to continue. Sometimes this can lead to exactly the opposite results. You can be overwhelmed with the options, methods, tools, etc. It may look scary and too <techy> at some point. But these walls can be broken. Everything can be learned and you will see in the end that nothing is so difficult as it may look in the beginning.

We fear the unknown and usually is our biggest enemy in many cases. But what I learned so far in my online journey is that if you have the right guidance, the will, the passion and the knowledge you can go further than your mind thinks. Reach bigger goals. And set higher ones you couldn’t imagine you can reach.


Here are some questions you must ask yourself before proceeding:

  • What is my passion?
  • Am I an expert in a topic/niche? (If not you can become one)
  • Can I create content related?
  • Can I create products?
  • Can I teach others to do something?
  • Can I provide VALUE?
  • Can I solve people’s problems?
  • Can I make people happy?
  • Is there a big audience to the niche/topic/hobby I am involved?
  • Are there products that can solve people’s problems related to my niche?
  • Are there products that can give people joy/happiness related to my niche?
  • Are there products that people are passionate about in my niche?
  • Are people spending money in the niche I will get involved? (products physical/digital, courses, equipment, gadgets etc)
  • (List will be updated)

My advice is to answer these questions by writing them down!

As you can see the above list is separated into three parts

First is about you. What you know. What you are passionate about. You will learn new things if you want to be better at something. And you can deliver your knowledge to others. This is the most important part. Your pick. You must choose something that you would like to get involved in daily. Work for it. And you will see in the end that this will become “your hobby” and something you will enjoy doing. This is the ultimate goal for success.

Then as you can see my questions are focusing on your audience. This is your target. The ones with problems. The ones who need help. Who needs to be entertained/educated. And your potential customers. Whether they buy directly from your products or something you promote. In the internet community, many of us think that promoting to others and repeat over and over will make us money. Of course, this is one way (i am going to analyze possible ways of monetization in the future) but I believe is the wrong approach. Especially if you are building a strong brand/website/long term business. On the other hand, you can build for example an Amazon affiliate website and you can do things with a different perspective. But always remember that nowadays everyone is buying from someone who trusts and provide value, not from a salesperson (most of the time). This is my promise to this blog. To provide value to all of my readers and members.

Last you must do a research. Go deeper. See other related blogs/websites/forums/videos. What other people are doing? What do they promote? What is the target audience? How they approach it? And many other Q&A will come in your head while you get involved. Write things down! You can’t remember everything. I use trello from my organization on what I do (see related post >here<). Of course, there must be products related to everything you can do. Even to most strange niches, there are products related. But my suggestion is to go with a big audience and go to specific niche that a lot of people are getting involved.

Now you can ask. How broad should my niche should be? Let’s break some things down to parts.

First of all the main niches that are more profitable online are

  1. Health and fitness
  2. Wealth
  3. Relationships
  4. Pets
  5. Hobbies
  6. Technology
  7. Self-improvement

Of course, there are many others to be listed but these are the “main ones”. And all of them have many sub-categories. For example, you can go to health and fitness and then diets then keto diet.

So the big question is:

Should I go with a general approach or narrow down a niche and get involved with something more specific? 

Both options have pros and cons.

If you go with the general route you must know that you are going to get involved a lot and this is a long term strategy. This is my approach to this blog. I didn’t do it with the plan of a month or 6 months. I hope I will be inside this blog for many years to come. Create a nice community and help others. And grow together.

The competition is tough though. It will be more difficult to rank high because there are many “big players” who are already involved years before in big niches.

So another way is to go with a more targeted approach. As described above if you create a blog/youtube channel etc around health and fitness it will be hard to rank, get audience, build a list etc especially if you are starting out. It will take a lot of time to see results. But if you create something like – health and fitness > diet > keto diet –  you can find more easily people related and they will be more targeted to your content/videos/promotions etc. You can build many blogs with targeted niches for example. The choice is yours.

Whatever you choose will not be wrong. The most important thing is to start, get involved, don’t give up easily, focus, and set goals and achieve them. But my advice to everything you do online is this. Focus on providing value, resources, tips, advice, guides, answers. Be kind and helpful. That is what people want. And in the end, you will see this is what YOU want. You will get feedback and you will learn a lot of things from your visitors/subscribers/audience etc. This will make your online journey a journey of joy and not another “work” you have to do to make money.

As you can see I am creating posts and I am not selling or promoting anything. My goal from these posts are to help you get started or to rearrange your thoughts if you are already involved online.

Tell me your thoughts about this. What niche do you prefer or will get involved? Leave an honest opinion about the posts i create, what you like or not and what you want me to do in the future. I have so many things in my mind to put down but I always want to know what YOU want.

George 😃



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